Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Learning to fly....

Well..its been long sincce i wrote my first blog entry.Now that i have so much time after coming back home from office , i guess i can write a few lines.
The past one and half months has been something new to me....adjusting to this new life and new place and doing a lot of things myself for the first time in my life(i m not going to mention everything,my friends would surely know them)...but the most boring and faltu things that i have to do nowadays are washing my own plate,some clothes and cleaning my bed and my room [:D].To tell you guys frankly, washing my own plate is the most faltu job among all these.
Anyways,enough of homely stuff...lets talk about something else.
I start with office,....because after coming to Bangalore,it is the most comfortable place for me...YES!!!contrary to popular belief , i like to go to office and i enjoy working there...the reason being friendly atmosphere , so many new joinees who are like me coming just out of college and the food ....etc etc.The best thing i like about my office is that it is very casual ,very unconventional and unique in its own way (may be everyone thinks the same way about their wat....i m also like everyone else). [:)]

Now let me talk something about Kolkata.....Like most of the college-goers,we ( me and my JUCSE04 friends only...yes, i am very selfish about this [:P]) enjoyed our last year in college more than all the other three years.And it feels quite strange now that we all are geographically scattered around the whole world, after all those wonderful times spent together....this is the way things usually go i guess!.....

"JU er mather sei adda ta aj r nei,aj r nei " [:P][:D][:)]

Ohh...i forgot to mention one thing......unlike the people of Kolkata, people here understand my name comparatively easily.....[:P][:D]