Monday, November 16, 2009

Season change

Its cloudy..light not so many ppl standing around us...tension in the air... the ball in my hand..first over against section B(or C or D)..start of the many eyes on me...and i start running...i can feel that atleast 50 pair of eyes following me..probably their best batsman facing..the batsman slashes hard at the delivery...ohh went past the keeper...4 on the first ball...m i seeing correctly??the slip fielder has miraculously held on to the ball with his left hand..what a catch!!!....i start shouting like a mad-man running towards him..the whole section roars...suddenly it starts raining...the match is canceled..we have to go back to our classes..we are so disappointed...

after 10 years..i am in a quiet place..alone.. traveling in a bus....the weather is cloudy,,a nice breeze blowing...i see a ground...a group of boys playing...brings a smile to my face :)

can i play another match??!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Boolean thinking

Generally the word 'Boolean' is used to mean something which can take only two values true/false or 1/0.Boolean Algebra is one of the basic things of Computer Sc. and we have spent some portion of our precious life learning it.But this post is not about that.

This post is about a question. what is it?
can every question be answered in yes/no (true/false) where yse/no (true/false) is a valid ans to the question?
Some ppl would say that 'yes' can be answered in such a manner and if you are saying something in between, then you are trying to avoid the real ans.Many times it has happened with me that I am expecting a yes/no kind-of-ans from someone and they have answered in a long sentence,I have thought abt it as not being clear to himself/herself.
All my life, i have tried( and still trying :) ) to be perfect in most of the things and considered preciseness to be one the characteristics of perfectness.
But I realized(recently thought :D) that you can't be precise all the time; there are times when you have to be verbose rather than precise.
Analyzing it further i can say i knew this thing for quite some time, but until recently was not able to understand it.
So what ??...As I have said in one of my earlier posts, i am just a normal man and may be a slow learner; but a learner atleast. :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trying to wake up

I just cant get it over..Durga Pujo is 3 weeks old now..n i am still trying to live in it..its like my mind knows that its over ( for this yr :) )..but heart is still those two weeks spent in Kolkata.
must be getting old ;)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wake up Souri

Its been 2 days in Kolkata and as most of my frnds are just starting to return , I din't get any chance to meet them.Today we have a group meet at JU 'math'.
Thing to be mentioned here is that ppl like us ( who are staying outside Kol) are more enthusiastic about Kolkata and Pujo (otheres ra 'daant thakte daant er mormo bojhena' ).

other realization: although boys are not at all organized creatures, but its far easier to organize a bunch of boys rather than a group of girls. ;)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Little things..

The more i grow old :( the more i learn about life.
sometimes some small things can be so nice...i just experienced two such things in the last two days.
incident 1:i am in a lift with some other ppl in my office...there was this guy..who is some senior manager in some team in our office..we were wearing the same tshirt that day(which i din't notice).I dont know him personally as well..but then suddenly he said to me.. 'hey its the same ' pointing at the tshirt...and then left saying 'cya'
..that was really refreshing.. such a friendly comment really makes me feel at home :)
[pls let me know if u think i am strange..i will take that as a compliment :) ]

incident 2: i am in a super market kind of a shop..a family is buying a few things near the cash counter..a married lady with her daughter,her father and mother..they were speaking in Bengali with each other and din't know that i was also a Bengali..
suddenly, i was in a feel-good mood..and asked that person(the lady's father) 'r u from Kolkata?' ( in Bengali ) He said 'Yes ,,and u?'. I nodded.
I could see the sheer joy of finding someone from his own city on that old man's face.
I think they liked this small hi-hello incident.
I liked it too :)

'Hate kori paye beri..Uribar swapon'

Before i start writing something nonsense, let me make this very clear that the title of this post is not something that i want to say to this world or something that i feel.This is just a song i like and i will probably be flying(to my home) next friday.Hence,i put this up.
In the last few months i came across some thoughts which are new to me.Some of them i liked,some of them were funny,some of them - i don't have an opinion about.
I will not be revealing the source of those thoughts but will share them with the reader.

Thought 1: he/she never cares about the future.not that he/she is one of those filmi characters who has a never-care-about-the-future attitude,but he/she is a genuine person who is not bothered about the future at all. i personally know this person- so i know what he/she says..really means.i am not at all like this person ..but i wish i was like him/her :)

Thought 2: he/she says the past does't affect him/her.he /she forgets the past and lives only with the present. well, how can u just forget about it and live without it?

Thought 3: its not a thought.its about how ppl start speaking/writing. have u ever noticed how many ppl have started a testimonial(orkut) like this 'it is very difficult to write a testimonial for x..but....'. why do ppl start writing like this?is it that they are not comfortable writing ?or is it something very common (seen everywhere and hence safe way to start)?

Ppl might relate few thoughts with someone they know.and they also may also think that y i am publishing it in a blog..i also ask the same question to myself: why am i like this? its probably(cant be 100% sure..human brain is complex!) because..we(read i) are interested about those thing which we like and also to those things which we don't like that much.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Word movement in in OS X

Some of the annoying features of Terminal app are:
* no copy on select ( searching for it ; may be SIMBL )
* cmd + arrow does not have any effect like word movement (unlike iTerm)

But finally i found it and so let's document it [:D]
we can use esc + b/f for word movement.

The only thing that draws me towards is it is visibly faster than iTerm(i think so).

So lets see if i can start using it :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Expect the unexpected!!

its super sunday ..and we have the t20 final tonight....who would hv thought before the tournament that Pakistan and Sri Lanka would be playing the final.Pakistan looked like a team without any discipline or desire to win the world cup.Their captain even said something like he-doesnt-care-much-about-t20-as-it-is-mainly-for-fun. Dont know what he is thinking now!!
Btw,Sri Lanka had all the ingredients of a good team...some explosive batsmen in good form, some classy players and a quality bowling attack...although Yousuf Pathan had hit Mendis for 19(?) runs in an over to win a match in IPL,still Mendis is someone who needs to be figured out by the other teams.
On the other hand, India had a team which can be said was ideal for t20. Sehwag,Gamnbhir,Raina,Yuvraj,Yousuf Pathan,Dhoni....too much for anyone to handle i guess....n probably they cudn't handle themselves..

no title found

wake up at 8, take an auto rickshaw to bus stand; with some luck get a nice seat by the window in S9 (or S31),classes from 10:30 , numerous plans of bunking classes with little success,jumping over someone's tiffin box, a cricket match in JU 'math',8 fuchkas after college before taking the bus again ..i miss those days!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

another sunday with 3 old movies (DDLJ,HT and MPK)

there is nothing in my mind that i can write about right now...
for the past few months, i was very busy...
i was so busy that i cudn't concentrate on one of the most imp things of my life...and that is to gain some weight...
well, now i can proudly say that i have gained almost 10 kgs( 9.5 to be precise) after coming to bangalore ..n most of the ppl don't believe this fact ..
this incredible achievement of mine has been achieved by consuming lot of cheese and badaam milk(its a very common thing here)..ppl who see me during my breakfast time, ask me whether i get bored by the same cheese-sandwich i have everyday or not...well, getting bored is not an option for me as gaining weight is the ultimate goal :P

sometime in near future i may have to start thinking about reducing some weight...incredible!!!isn't it ???

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Preparing to head back to Bangalore again

Earlier when i was in school/college , before the exams , i used to think of the day when the exams will be over and how happy i will be that the same kind of feeling is there..but instead of exams , it is the days away from Kolkata,and the last day of exam can be compared to the day i m returning to Kolkata for a vacation.
But that does not mean , the days in Blore are like exams ( i used to hate exams like everyone else )...i kind of enjoy my stay there..only the weekends i stay at home are really i am planning to go out every weekend from now on!
Today is saturday..tomorrow i have a family picnic in Rajarhat (probably) monday is almost here..i m flying back to Bangalore on Monday 5:55 pm ( hope the timings do not change any more).
Wait.. at this point i remember one thing i should have done hours ago..and that is to mail my team that i will not be in office till tuesday and will WFH ( Work From Home.... in office, u learn many short-forms like this..for eg...OOO,FYI,IOW,ttyl etc etc.. ).
Mail back to writing.The thing i have noticed recently is i take too much time writing a simple mail...i have to improve this.
for the last few days, i went out with my friends almost everyday.Shibashis came back from Ahmedabad for a week.Arpan ,Pramit,Debarshi ,Shiba and me went to Mani Sqr on friday....we tried our lucks in bowling...and Debarshi won amongst us.
They also went inside the Scary House , which is everything but Scary [:P]
I went to Scary House with my family , so didn't have any wish to waste another 50 bucks on that!Anyways , the real fun was not inside scary house , but was outside watching other people coming out of the exit door with different reactions on their faces.